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Corporate Membership Scheme 

Corporate membership offers a modern and low cost approach for businesses to entertain clients, or reward staff, through playing golf. It is designed to be cost efficient as you only pay for the rounds you play. 

Under this scheme, your subscription of £1,270 (+VAT) allows you 1,000 credits, held on your account, to be used solely for rounds of golf. The number of rounds that can be played will depend on the day and time you choose to play. For example, at peak times your 1,000 credits will buy you 22 rounds of summer golf. If you choose to play at off peak times, then you could manage to play up to 71 rounds of summer golf. The day is split into separate periods which reflect the popularity and demand for prime tee-times and these are priced accordingly. Reduced fees apply in the winter months from October to March.

The annual fee of £1,270 (+VAT) allocates 1,000 golf credits to your corporate card.

£270 is the cost of membership to the club and use of member card.

Cards are not transferable.

Credits used depend upon when you choose to play. They are deducted from your account when a green fee is booked.    

Green Fees & Golf Credits
Green Fee £ 49 £ 39 £35 £30 £25 £20
Credits 45 35 31 27 22 16
Benefits include
  • Unlimited weekday access
  • Member rates on buggy hire
  • Complimentary use of club meeting room 5 times per annum (saving £750)
  • Free WiFi access
  • Preferential rates when booking a company golf day
  • Flexibility ensures there are no unused or wasted subscriptions
  • Facility to book tee times on-line 8 days in advance and before the general public
  • 15% discount on drinks and 10% on food purchases with your membership card at the bar
  • Facility to buy unlimited, additional golf credits (£100 minimum each top up)
  • Any residual balance of the top up may be rolled over to the next year
  • Card holder may upgrade to an individual club membership

For more information on the Corporate Member Scheme call Seb Frankiss on 020 8888 1764