Course Open (updated 26 September at 06:04)

The Shambles season came to an untidy conclusion last week. This year's Thursday Roll Up was disrupted somewhat my the frequent absence of its founder and standard-bearer, Mickey Bannon, who’s time of late has been consumed with putting up a shelf in his ensuite (those Ikea instructions can be a bugger). He was present at the finale to herd the cats around 18 holes, broken up with warm beer and substandard pork pies at the half way house (normal service now resumed each weekend).

The sun shone, prizes awarded, tears shed and personal golfing stories retold and ignored.

The Shambles raised £200 towards this year’s Captains’ Charities for which gratitude was recorded. Winners included Arthur Graham Dixon - Shambler of the Year, Nathan Blake - Bish Bash Bosh Winner and Mark Collins - Scrubber of the Year. The Big One (indoor putting) fuelled by potentially dangerous Thai Whiskey was claimed by the last man standing - Mickey B struck again. Our Chairman, Sir David of Edwards, kicked his drive far enough down the fairway to rob (for that's what it was) skipper Matthews of his longest drive dues and despite the Category 1 Special Guest, Aidan Duignan, getting to the 6th hole 5-under, his unreliable sphincter slackened, leaving him with just a dozen yellow balls to show for nearest the pins, which he did NOT appreciate.

Same time next season? Reckon so.