Course Open (updated 26 September at 06:04)

Eight of our boys represented the club at the annual get together for the London Golf Captains in Harrogate. Not put off by the weather (which was stereotypically grim) Julian Jones, Phil Matthews (despite the attempted sabotage of his attempts by Dave Kavanagh's 15th club) and Bill Carey all made the prizes at various stages.

Harrogate's hotel and pub staff along with those others prepared to listen were grateful for the invaluable and oft repeated advice on how to make the perfect gin and tonic from our own Jimmy Dale DeGroff Milligan and you can also look out for Colin Taylor's latest blog in this weekends Sundays' on his search for the perfect "Spaghetti ajo, ojo e peperoncino followed by the ultimate crème brûlée. It's a disappointing journey into the abyss.

Keeping this group out of trouble during the rain delays was the main challenge and the results of that effort is available for you to view here