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May we remind all golfers to observe the following while on the course:


Did you know?

The average number of ball marks made on greens per round is eight per golfer. Assuming only 130 rounds are played each day on your course, your greens receive 1,040 impressions daily, 31,000 per month or more than 374,400 per year. Are you wondering how to make a putt under these conditions?

Please repair your pitchmarks - it makes a difference.

Pitchmark repairers are available for purchase from the Pro Shop should you not have one.


Large ones, small ones - please replace divots at all times.

When divot boxes are available on the tees, please use the soil mix to fill up the divot.


Although the green-keeping staff rake all the bunkers two to three times a week, players must also do the same once they have finished playing from one.

Nobody likes playing a bunker shot from an unraked bunker.

Ground Under Repair (GUR)

From time to time certain areas of the course will be marked GUR. All players may take relief from these areas as per the Rules of Golf. When GUR is defined by blue ropes, blue stakes or blue lines, all players must take relief as per the Rules of Golf.

If there is a dropping zone in play, this must be used when taking relief from GUR.