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Women and Girls' IN Golf Week 2021

We are proud to support England Golf's Women & Girls Golf Week, 16 - 22 August, by sharing stories from the women and girls of Muswell Hill Golf Club; a place where new friendships are forged, new skills acquired, and a new community discovered.

Kickstarting Women & Girls Golf Week 2021, and as part of our commitment to the Women In Golf Charter to encourage more girls into the game, our Junior Organiser and Professional Samantha along with our dedicated group of volunteers hosted a fantastic Girls Golf Rocks Taster Session on Satutday 13 August. 

Taster Session

- A great afternoon at the Club enjoyed by all!

Tuesday, Volunteers

"Becoming a volunteer at happened quite naturally for me. I always was a keen supporter of raising the junior section’s profile, I am a primary teacher and there was a program at the club that needed helpers, so I only needed to put my hand up for it.

Being a volunteer has been a story of joy; to see the children grow, not only physically but also in their golfing skills and their confidence, and to become accomplished golfers, is a privilege to witness.  When I see our juniors wearing the club colours in competitions, I’m bursting with pride for them even for that, let alone their achievements.

It’s been a positive, happy experience for me to volunteer in such a successful, well run program. Hats off to all involved in developing this!"


- Liisa, Ex Captain, joined 2012

Wednesday, Health & Wellbeing

"Who would have thought that last year’s pandemic would be my entry into golf?

I had lived across the road from Muswell Hill Golf Club for almost 30 years. My father was a very keen golfer and member of Hendon Golf Club for many years. I’d often attended functions there but had never felt any inclination to pick up a club. Even my sister had played pitch and putt for many years.

Walking past Muswell Hill Golf Club on a hot sunny day May 2020, it suddenly occurred to me that this would be the perfect activity for lockdown. I asked a neighbour and old friend if he thought I was too old to take up golf. He laughed uproariously and said no.

He then told me about the Academy and how supportive it is to brand new learners. I had a chat with myself- about the expense, the commitment, the energy level required, the image and decided why not. And I’m so thrilled I did.

Later in the summer I met Kate and she was very enthusiastic- her speciality! She talked me through the process and walked me around the grounds a little. I then signed up. I was very nervous and so many of my friends were very surprised as they didn’t see me as a golf person either. I’m beginning to wonder what that stereotype even means.

At the end of September, I was able to join. Some lessons were begun before bad weather and the protracted winter lockdown began.

At the end of April, more lessons with the amiable and supportive Don, and the the real fun began. At the roll ups I met so many newbies and everyone was so friendly.  I was particularly struck by the fact that many established women members took the trouble to introduce themselves in the locker room and walking about.

I made two golf buddies very early on and we found playing 9 holes very addictive. One of them was very good at spotting when I was getting tense and trying too hard and she would get me to stop, look around, breathe, enjoy the scenery and say "how lucky are we?” We have become very good golf buddies since.

The Lady Captain’s Day was extraordinary. Kate had persuaded us to sign up. I thought I was way too green (at golf, not in age). She said it was all about women getting to know each other and promoting friendship through golf. She was right. On the day, enjoying a wondrous tea and extraordinary cakes, I realised I was sat with 67 women, only four of whom I barely knew. The others were all new friendly, open faces whom I’d never encountered even though I’d been living in the area for 30+ years.

Added to this new fellowship, I also won a prize for my section. I have only just stopped smiling about this.

It is so exciting to find something totally new and challenging and also to meet so many friendly and supportive people. Many thanks to everyone at Muswell Hill Golf Club. I’m so pleased I had the courage to find you and join."

Anne Watson

- Anne, Academy Member, joined 2020

Thursday, Competing

"From a gawky, leggy, uncoordinated, unsporty teenager cowering in the corner on freezing Newcastle hockey days praying not to be picked to play, I find myself really looking forward to my role as Lady Captain at Muswell Hill Golf Club in December. I wish I could see my PE teachers face!

My father was a keen golfer and growing up I was introduced to putting in the hall, crazy golf on holidays but my sister and I were NEVER allowed on the course for fear of heaven forbid, ‘holding up the men.'

"Try again mum" came my real introduction to golf as my son, desperate for a lift to the driving range and par 3 course in the holidays, placed endless balls down for me on the 60 yard water carry hole and patiently watched them splash in!

After a 7 iron birthday present and some lessons - there was no Academy at Muswell Hill Golf Club at that time, I tentatively joined Muswell Hill where Laurence and my son by then were already members. I was so fortunate that Lesley Whiterow and I joined together, which made what initially could have been a daunting experience into an absolute pleasure and endless fun. We were welcomed by a fantastic women’s section and never looked back. I was surprised at how much fun (mostly) can be had from competitions, representing the Club and the great away days, over night stays etc.

Things have changed dramatically over the years with the introduction of the Academy, vibrant junior section and lifestyle membership. This has brought a fantastic increase to our women’s section with a wide range of ages and abilities and each and every one a valuable member in their own right. This was highlighted at the Lady Captains' day in July where ages ranged from 10 to …? (not telling) and everyone really enjoyed the day.

I look forward to supporting Rose in the Women In Golf Charter with its targets to attract many more to this wonderful game and we are all very excited to welcome and encourage new members as well as continuing to enjoy our friendships within our tremendous, unique, diverse and fun women’s section."

Lesley Blumberg

- Lesley, Vice Captain, joined 2009

Friday, Role Models

"The aim is to make golf easier for women, girls and families to join in, laugh, learn and share the sport of golf. We are lucky to have a sport that be its very nature can and must be the most inclusive as we open our arms to the new generation of women and girls."


- Rose, Women In Golf Charter Chamption, joined 2020

Saturday, Newbies

"I've always admired the beauty of golf courses and I figured that the only way for me to walk along them in good company is to actually learn to play golf! Getting started with something new is exciting but it can be daunting as well at the same time. Especially, as a woman starting from scratch with a male-dominated activity like golf. I felt intimidated. And no idea where to start. Joining the Academy programme at  Muswell Hill Golf Club helped me with getting comfortable with the basics, without putting too much pressure on myself. On top of that, it also gave me inspiration.

Feeling welcomed by members who stopped to say hello, my coach Samantha' great support and meeting fun new golf girlfriends gave me further reasons to go back week after week. I see now that golf is not a just game just for men of certain status - as I used to think of stereotypes - but can be also be for women just like me.

The only entry requirements are persistence, patience and motivation." 

Borbala Naga

- Borbala, Academy Member, joined 2021

Sunday, Join the club

"I started to play golf in California back in 2009. I took lessons for a few months, though barely playing on the course. 

When I moved to London, I looked for a welcoming club and found Muswell Hill Golf Club. It had (still has) an Academy program, which to me meant: come and play with us! Without British credentials and after a couple of years off the game, I decided it was the right path for me. What a good decision it was! 

After the Academy I upgraded my membership to Lifestyle. That year, the Club organized for new lifestyle members to play with “senior” ladies as a way to meet both fellow Lifestyle but also Full members. Through it, I met a player with whom I then played when I could. It was my first golf “relationship.” 

My lifestyle wasn’t allowing a lot of golf and between 2015 and 2020 I could spend weeks without playing. It’s only in June 2020 that golf became part of my routine. After a few weeks of playing 2 to 3 times, preferably in the morning, I quickly upgraded to 5Day+. Now that I don’t have to count anymore, I play at least 3 times a week, and more when I can. I am definitely and irremediably hooked! I even started to watch competitions on TV!!!

I don’t know how it is for other players, but for me, as I get ready to tee off, I mentally map my way to the flag. I then hit my ball, and it most probably won’t go where I was aiming. Sometimes, from the tee box, it can look quite bad. And I would think: this is over. For a minute, I might be tempted to give up, but as I walk toward my ball, and see the path to the flag from that perspective, it isn’t that bad. Not what I had planned, but I can make it work. Golf is a resilience workout/buildup.

I love the sound (ping) of the ball well hit, the smell of the grass freshly cut, the sight of 50 shades of green. The wildlife, the après golf life, the social life.

I love that every time, the course is different. 

It’s a great sport: social, mental, technical, challenging, and grounding.

The walk and the whack."


- Marie, 5Day+ Member, joined 2014

To enquire about becoming a member or joining the Academy, please contact us on 020 8888 1764 or visit here for more information.