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Muswell Hill Golf Club
Muswell Hill Golf Club

We have a modern, relaxed approach to our dress regulations and we hope that members and guests will support us in maintaining the standards expected, both on the golf course and in the Clubhouse.

Full details can be obtained from the Office

  • Mobile Phone Policy

    Members and guests are encouraged, when using a phone, to respect the rights of others to quiet enjoyment of the Club. Therefore, mobile phones should always be placed on silent mode whilst at the Club, both on the course and in the clubhouse (except with the prior permission of the Manager).

    • Mobile phones may be used to make emergency phone calls on the golf course to obtain urgent medical assistance
    • During competitions they should be turned off
    • Mobile phones may be used to make or receive phone calls in the locker rooms, toilets, offices and corridors of the clubhouse, on the patio and in the car park when out of earshot of the 1st and 17th tees and the 2nd and 18th greens
    • Mobile phones may be used for texting
    • Computers may be used in the clubhouse or on the patio providing respect is shown to others.