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Muswell Hill Golf Club
Muswell Hill Golf Club

Our ‘Pathway into Golf’ offers a route for beginners to progress at their own pace towards a full membership.

  • STAGE 1 - Year 1 Academy Membership: Completing your "Passport to Golf"
    • Six individual coaching sessions covering six ‘Passport to Golf’ skills; Full Swing, Etiquette, Putting, Chipping, Rules, Pitching/Bunkers
    • Three individual first class lessons with one of our PGA Professionals
    • Access to all practice facilities any time, seven days a week
    • Access to the first two holes of the golf course three times a week for Academy roll-ups
    • All equipment provided by the Pro Shop
    • 12 rounds on our designated 9-hole Academy Course on completion of your Passport; please see Stage 2 below
    • Final sign-off lesson with the Professional before upgrading to playing membership.
  • STAGE 2 - Playing the 9-hole Academy Course
    • Once your Passport has been signed off, we recommend play on the 9-hole Academy course. It covers the front nine holes of the course from special Academy tees with reduced length on each hole
    • 12 rounds are included in the Academy membership; an additional six rounds may be purchased for £50

    The Academy course is challenging but it allows players to become acquainted with the rules and etiquette of the game. There is also continued access to all practice facilities any time, seven days a week.

  • STAGE 3 - Academy Year 2 or Upgrade to a Playing Membership

    On completion of stages 1&2 you will receive a review lesson from our PGA professional who will advise on the next steps. This will either be access to the full course via one of our playing memberships or the Academy year 2

“For an enthusiastic beginner like me, the Academy has been the perfect entry into the game and to Muswell Hill Golf Club! The Academy offers a wide and accessible range of learning and practice activities that have made my progression fruitful and enjoyable. David and the other Club staff are most welcoming, and they encourage us to take full advantage of the Club’s terrific facilities. The short game practice area is ideal for honing basic skills, and the group lessons and roll-ups are great opportunities both to learn and to meet other Academy members. The Academy strikes an effective balance between play/practice and the social side of the Club. I greatly look forward to much future play and engagement at Muswell Hill!”
Nicholas Baumgartner
“Joining the Academy was a great experience for me. I was a total beginner at golf but am now playing as a 5 day member of the club after a year. I very much enjoyed the lessons with David as well as the many new friendships made at the club.”
Ruth Bolister